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Sirius Mutual P&I Association

sırıus p&I club

Protection and Indemnity  Experts

We are serious about protecting your future


We protect our members

Sirius Protection and Indemnity is a Mutual P&I Club. We provide P&I Coverage for our  Ship Owner members with excellent service.

we support shıp owners

We support our members against the P&I risks of maritime ventures resolving problems with many years of expertise.

we provıde worldwıde coverage

We can provide cover for Worldwide Trading with a vast network of correspondents. 

Yacht owners

We provide P&I coverage for Yacht Owners with worldwide trading.


We offer Hull and Machinery coverage for our Ship Owners members.


We cover Charterers for their P&I Risks. Our cover includes Damage to hull risks along with FDD risks.

"You are not alone at sea. We are there for you when you need us."

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